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Alternative Mortgage Deal Of The Month

By April 11, 2018Blog
Alternative Mortgage

Alternative Mortgage Deal Scenario

Client came to Jeff Di Lorenzo of The Mortgage Group Vancouver with a home under foreclosure located in Central BC. This client had many judgments on title plus property taxes outstanding. Client also owned a parcel of land that was previously listed for sale. It turned out that the parcel of land also had property taxes owing for over three years and the crown seized the property without the clients realizing.

We were able to stop the foreclosure, reinstated clients 1st mortgage obtain a 2nd mortgage to payout all arrears and debts as well as apply to get the forfeited lot back into the clients name. We provided additional funds to help assist the client to obtain new employment. Client had suffered a significant personal loss as well as an employment loss.

We are pleased to have been able to assist our client with a fresh start.


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