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Alternative Mortgage Lenders

    Need An Alternative Mortgage Solution In BC? We Can Help!

    Alternative mortgage lending is our bread and butter. It’s what we do best.

    We have a variety of alternative mortgage products to fit most homeowner’s needs in British Columbia, Canada. If you have questions about your particular situation, feel free to call one of our brokers to discuss.

    We regularly arrange mortgage financing transactions from $30,000 to $1,500,000 or more. Are you a borrower in BC, and the bank has turned down your home loan due to no income or a less than perfect credit score?

     We have loan programs that might be perfect for you! 

    We know that every applicant’s situation is different, which is why we provide you with a tailored mortgage loan solution to give you the money you need. Browse our alternative mortgage products below to find one that suits your needs.

    Still unsure? Give us a call.

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    Home Equity Loan

    A Home Equity Loan is a type of loan approved based on the borrower’s home’s equity. Unlike traditional banks, our alternative mortgage lenders approve loans regardless of income or lower credit scores.

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    Stated Income

    Self Employed? Stated Income Mortgages are most commonly used for unverifiable income types. Get your mortgage approved quickly and with little hassle.

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    Private Lenders

    Our Private Mortgage Lenders offer alternative mortgages that fill the gap between traditional financial institutions like national banks, credit unions & B-Lenders. Need a mortgage that works outside the box? A private lender in BC is your best option.

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    Private Mortgage Rates

    The home loan process is quick and easy. Our private mortgage rates are approved based on your home equity, not credit or income.

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    B-Lenders Mortgage

    B-Lender mortgages provide funds with rates between banks & private lenders. Watch our informative video to learn more.

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    Second Mortgage

    A Second Mortgage is a charge behind your first mortgage. This type of alternative mortgage is used to get additional funds without refinancing your first mortgage.

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    Stop Foreclosure

    Foreclosure financing enables homeowners to refinance or reinstate their mortgage. Learn more about how to stop foreclosure.

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    Bad Credit Mortgage

    If you have bad credit, we can help. We offer alternative mortgages for bad credit based only on your home’s equity.

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    No Income Mortgage

    Loss of employment? You can still apply for a mortgage. No Income Mortgages are special need financing or stated income funding.

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    Half Interest

    Co-owned Property Financing allows you to borrow on your half of a joint owned home. Consider a Half Interest Loan today.

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    Mobile Home

    Life on the move? Discover our alternative mortgages for mobile homes. We have options for both leased land & owned land.

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    Construction & Commercial

    Commercial and construction funds have a lot of moving parts. We work with alternative mortgage lenders that use more creative options.

    What My Clients Say

    “Jeff was able to come through with an equity loan in days for my parents. This enabled them to take advantage of a business opportunity that will make them tens of thousands of dollars. If you require private mortgage financing or a 2nd mortgage with great terms I highly recommend his services.”

    Rajdeep Singh2/05/2019 (Google Reviews)

    “Jeff helped me out a few years ago when we were in a little financial difficulty and he gave us a way out and still own our home. He was fast and efficient. My husband and I came back after rebuilding our credit and he has now proven how he can get you back to a "A" Lender in the least stressful, fast and efficient way. He was available to answer any questions and help us along this process even after 5pm and I really appreciate everything he did for my husband and myself. Thanks for everything!!!”

    Donna Tellier2/15/2019 (Google Reviews)

    “Jeff is extremely helpful, responsive and transparent in his approach to assisting you with your financial needs. He was always willing to answer question and would present concepts and situations in varied ways until I fully understood. I would have no hesitation recommending Jeff to my friends and family.”

    Philip Le1/09/2019 (Google Reviews)

    “Having met Jeff at a time in my life where I was out of options, was nothing short of a God send. While it started out as jeff helping me stop a foreclosure on my property it quickly turned into a mess of road blocks such as probate on the house since my wife had passed away. One problem after another arose and it got to the point where I had given up but jeff stepped in and handled every problem that appeared. My many thanks Jeff. ”

    Peter Quigley3/19/18 (Google Reviews)

    “I have worked with Jeff for many years with my mortgage. We went from having to use alternate lenders to getting approved at a major bank with his help. He's very professional and easy to work with”

    Teresa Longworth10/01/2019 (Google Reviews)

    “Jeff was able to do what seemed like the impossible with the tightest timeline ever. Would never hesitate to recommend his services. Will be using him again in the future”

    Michael Lapczynski4/12/18 (Google Reviews)

    “I highly recommend Jeff for your mortgage needs. In searching for a professional and reliable broker, Jeff met all the criteria we were looking for. In chatting with him after our search through the net, he was quick to action our request and always provided timely responses. In this fast paced, high needs world, Jeff was able to manage a quick close with the best rates. Make Jeff DiLorenzo your next will not be disappointed!”

    Mary LaBoucane1/5/17 (Google Reviews)