Bad Credit Mortgage BC

Bad credit mortgage are available for the Self Employed & Salaried home owners in Vancouver & British Columbia Canada. Borrow up to 75% of your homes value through mortgage products using your home equity or B-lenders.

In addition, we also have access to a number of best rate Private Mortgage lenders for all locations in BC. For more information about Bad Credit Refinance for Self Employed or Salaried incomes using your home equity contact your BC Mortgage Broker application.

Home Equity Loans With Bad Credit

If you own a home but have bad credit our home equity loan products assist people to refinance their mortgage with bad credit. Consolidate debt using a bad credit home equity loan can actually help improve your credit. Call your BC Mortgage Broker and we can show you how.

Bad Credit Mortgage & Recent Bankruptcies

Conventional Banks for bad credit refinance with programs to allow borrowers with poor credit and recent bankruptcy discharges to obtain mortgages. Some conditions apply products change frequently check with us on recent qualifying rules.

Self Employed Bad Credit Refinance Bad Credit Mortgage

Self Employed with bad credit refinance needs low documentation requirements. With 25% down, notice of assessments required. Online Application

Mortgage Offers High TDS Ratios

These Lenders can offer TDS ratios as high as 50%, depending on your credit rating. TDS – Total Debt to Service ratio. The amount of debt being serviced as a percent compared to the total income.

Other Mortgage Products Available

  • High ratio mortgages – up to 90% loan to value
  • Rural mortgage
  • Up to 35-year amortization