Mortgage Lending For Borrowers With Bad Credit 

If you want to buy a home, your options of getting a loan with bad credit can be quite limited. Most lenders will conduct a credit check on anyone applying to get a mortgage and refuse those with a poor credit history.

As a consequence, bad credit home loans can be challenging, especially if you have defaults or a bankruptcy in your credit history. However, we offer bad credit mortgage solutions for homeowners with minimum credit scores in Vancouver, BC.

Apply online for up to 70% of your home’s value through mortgage products using your home equity or B-lenders.

Applying for a mortgage, but not located in a major city in British Columbia? We have home loan solutions using private mortgage lenders for most BC locations, regardless of your credit report.

Home Loans With Bad & Low Credit Score

If you own a home but don’t comply with traditional mortgage lenders’ credit score requirements, a home equity loan product is your best option. With just a fast and easy application, we can help you consolidate debt into one low monthly payment.

Debt consolidation can help improve your credit rating and put you on a path for financial success.

Bad Credit Mortgage & Discharged Bankruptcies

Bankruptcy will affect a borrower’s credit rating, making it more difficult for them to qualify for most loan programs. We work with banks and B-Lenders with programs allowing borrowers in BC with bad credit, or those recently discharged from bankruptcy, to obtain mortgages.

Self Employed Bad Credit Mortgage In BC

man searching for bad credit mortgage information

Are you self-employed with bad credit and low proof of income? In addition to loans for bad credit, we also provide stated income mortgage options up to 75% of your home value in major centers.

Mortgage Offers For a Home Buyer With High TDS Ratios

Looking for loan options but afraid that your TDS is higher than the industry’s standards? We work with private lenders to emphasize other factors when determining if an applicant can qualify for a mortgage. 

Some of our mortgage lenders can offer TDS ratios or “total debt servicing ratios” as high as 50%, and others don’t even require TDS ratios, even to people with bad credit. This allows you to obtain a larger bad credit mortgage in BC using less income to qualify.