Private Lending for Partial Interest Mortgages
    Half Interest Mortgage

    Do you own a home with a brother, sister, parent or business partner half interest in BC? If you own a partial interest in real estate, we have private partial interest mortgage financing options that might work for you. Half mortgages will be registered as tenants in common rather than joint tenancy so call to learn more about your options.

    What Is A Partial Interest Mortgage?

    A partial interest mortgage is usually a half interest or a three-quarter interest but can be even a quarter interest in real-estate.  A variety of relationships can occur in a half interests, for example; father and son own a home as one half of the owners requires funds. That party can borrow up to 65% of that person’s interest in the property without the requirements of the other party to sign.

    If you are interested in half interest and half repayment mortgage options, please give us a call or apply online and we would be happy to assist you.

    hands shaking in agreement for half mortgage