12 Feb, 2014

Debts still Piled up from Christmas Holiday? images (6)The thrill of the Christmas Holiday Season is well past. Are you still dating the debt you built up over the holiday season due to shopping, eating out, or maybe even a vacation. Its time to get serious about reducing or the elimination of your debt and here are some tips how:

2 Jan, 2014

Those who know my wife and I know that we love history and nostalgia. From clothing, music, cars all the way to architecture, we are drawn to sights and sounds that have stood the test of time. When moving from Vancouver to the Okanagan we were looking to purchase a flat top or Spanish Adobe style home to renovate. With the needs of a young family we ended up in a 50s bungalow that we are in the midst of renovating.

22 Aug, 2013

B-Lending Mortgage s are coming back into fashion with mortgage lenders. What is B-Lending you may ask? Well B-Lenders are banks or other financial institutions that offer mortgage products outside the standard guidelines of TDS GDS ratios & credit qualifications. They permit stated income products that A-Lenders have for the most part backed out of & will accept low credit scores at great 1st mortgage rates.