3 Jan, 2014

BCAInternetLogoBC Assessments will be coming to your door in the next few days. Click here to learn how to pull up your BC ASSESSMENT

With this free site you can look up home values of properties anywhere in British Columbia.


BC Assessment creates a independent, uniform and efficient property assessments on an yearly basis for all property owners in the province. This is not a certified appraisal which shows the market sale within the past 3 months.


The mandate of BC Assessment is to establish and maintain uniform real property assessments throughout British Columbia in accordance with the Assessment Act. The Act also requires that BC Assessment produce annual rolls with assessments at market value.

Assessors determine the market value of land and improvements and enter those values on the Assessment Roll. For 95 per cent of all properties on the Roll, assessed value is the market value as of July 1. The remaining five per cent are subject to legislative restrictions.

BC Assessment is structured in the following units:

  • Office of the President and CEO (including Communications and Government Relations)
  • Business Innovation
  • Field Operations
  • Finance
  • Information and Technology Services
  • People and Planning

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