15 Oct, 2014

Fall home maintenance tips are important for all home owners and renters. Biggest tip to keep your loved ones safe this winter season is replace the batteries in your smoke detector. Learn some basic tips here to keep your loved ones safe this winter season.

Fall Home Maintenance Tips BCHouse Exterior Caulking Fall Home Maintenance Tips:


  • Foundation Cracks
  • Wires Entering Home
  • Windows Seals
  • Door Moldings
  • Door Mailbox

Fall Home Maintenance Tips BCHouse Exterior Fall Home Maintenance Tips:


  • Clear roof/gutters/downspouts of debris – (The freeze cycles can have a negative impact on your gutters and spouts of your home.)
  • Setup for driveway maintenance – shovels/salt/snow blower/plow (don’t get caught out on the street preparing your driveway for winter maintenance can keep your automobile safe as well as deliveries to your home on time)
  • Replace door seals to keep cold weather out – (keeping cold air out can significantly reduce heating costs)
  • Prepare Fireplace – (chimneys maintenance is one of the leading causes of house fires. Keep loved ones safe by making sure the chimney is cleaned once a year)
  • Insulate any exterior taps that are not frost free – (when the temperature dips these exterior taps can freeze and crack leading to a big mess and bigger renovation bill.)
  • Clean up the yard – (leafs and other debris can become a slipping hazard in the winter months. Keep liability down by cleaning the yard in fall)
  • Cover your pool – (Nice days come in the winter time. Keep children and pets safe by installing a pool cover or even better a fence.)

Fall Home Maintenance Tips BCHouse Interior Fall Home Maintenance Tips:


  • Smoke Detectors – “REPLACE THE BATTARIES” this is one of the most important winter maintenance tips.
  • Check your heating system – Having your heating system checked or cleaned can significantly reduce heating costs and possible point out safety issues that need to be addressed.
  • Prepare for winter power outages – Stock food that does not need cooking, keep battery’s flashlights firs aid kits & cat litter or sand for icy walkways.
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector – Learn more here City Of Vancouver Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Holiday Trees – if you plan on having a live tree make sure the watering container is well watered or opt for a artificial tree
  • Candles – Beware of all the possible hazards of having lite candles in your home. Even candles with protected shields can be knocked over by young children or animals.

long term disability iconLearn more about injuries and how accidents can be prevented with help from fall home maintenance tips.



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