11 Mar, 2014

Well you have almost made it through another winter. Besides cleaning your closets planting spring time flowers you should consider cost saving tips to improve the efficiency of your home.

  1. REPLACE WINDOWS: Over the winter you might have noticed the draft coming from single-pane windows. Replacing windows can be costly plan on $400 to $500 per window plus insulation.
  2. New Heating System or Maintenance: If your furnace was not performing well it might be time to call in a furnace repair company or look to replace the system you have. Any choice should carry an EnergyStar Lable for best results.
  3.  Clean Air Conditioning Units: Before the summer months temperatures rise and a service persons schedules fill up consider having your unit checked to improve efficiency and lower cooling costs over these summer months.
  4. Install more insulation: Insulation is your homes first line of defense to stop cold or hot air in both hot & cold climates. An energy audit can help determine how much more insulation is required.  Between 8 to 16 inches are recommended by most local codes.
  5. Switch out inefficient appliances: Some appliances are no longer smart to repair. Consider the age and if they are EnergyStar labled.
  6. Repair or Replace roofs, gutters & down spouts: Due to the amount of rain & snow our BC Province receives it is imperative to keep roofs and water discernment in good repair. This will protect your largest asset and lower the future costs of maintenance and repair.
  7. Paint: It doesn’t just look good it protects the surface of your home. Winter can have a big toll on your curb appeal so it might be time to choose a new paint colour.
  8. Prune Trees: Damaged or over grown trees and bushes can negatively affect your home. Broken tree limbs can come free and damage your homes exterior or bushes can interfere with siding or windows. Yard maintenance can insure that your green friends stay healthy form many years reducing the cost of removal.
  9. Mulch Plantins: Mulch helps plants thrive by holding back weeds and retaining moisture in the soil which will help lower watering bills.
  10. Replace Light bulbs: When considering replacement of light bulbs consider LEDs’ These bulbs last longer than incandescent and consume less energy.

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