20 Apr, 2013

How To Build A Website

There comes a time for some of us when we need to build a website, or in my case update a website. While I’ve had a website for many years and for the most part it was useful for the things I needed it to do however; it was time to refresh.  I learned that rebranding myself was the largest part of this process.

how to build a website rebranding logos

Branding yourself helps to identify you from the crowd; it creates a memory which then helps people who are looking for your service feel emotionally connected to you.

Things to consider when building a website:

Platform – For me that was WordPress. Like most people it is the easiest platform to add to which saves you time and money.

Design – Don’t do this yourself, hire someone to do this. You’re good at what you do and a designer is good at figuring out what the end user is looking for. Although WP makes it easy to “do it yourself” the end project can look a little disjointed if you don’t have the experience in building webpages.

“Check out the Icon’s that Nook Studio did for my site.”

maternity iconcall now to get that mortgage iconpension icon

Topic – What do you want your website to say? For me it was already mostly there because of my old site but you will have to decide is it pictures, video or content that capture your audience?

Expandability – Where will your site be in the future? I know I would like to move into short videos in the future. Is your site able to adapt to future needs?

I sought out the help of my friends at Nook Studio to help me rebrand my website.  Nook Studio gave my site a clean new look and user friendly features on a word press format.

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