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self-employed mortgage qualifications for man planning to buy a house

A Guide To Self-Employed Mortgage Qualifications

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Meeting all the qualifications required for getting a self-employed mortgage can be challenging but not impossible. Traditionally the bread and butter of B-lenders, the ever-expanding private sector of individual contractors and freelancers have encouraged A-lenders to accept their business too.

However, if you’re self-employed, there are a few things to keep in mind to secure a possible mortgage offer.

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women thinking about mortgages for contractors

Independent Contractor? Quickly Secure a Mortgage Today!

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Mortgages for contractors have their own set of rules. Here’s how to secure a mortgage if you are an independent contractor in BC, Canada.

Recent surveys show that self — or at least part-time — employees make up for about 15% of all Canadian income earners. They can have a wide range of backgrounds, including administrative, accounting, consulting and so on, and they work for both large and small companies.

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how to buy someone out of a house

How To Buy Someone Out Of a House Mortgage In BC, Canada?

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How you choose to approach the issue of buying someone out of a house depends on the complexity of your relationship. One usual solution for many parties terminating their relationship is completing a buyout.
So how do you buy someone out of a house? Are married couples facing more red tape than common-law couples? How do you decide who stays and who goes?

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refinance a mortgage with bad credit

Refinance a Mortgage With Bad Credit

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Refinancing your mortgage with bad credit can help you consolidate debt and lower your current monthly payments on all debts. As well by consolidating debts this can help you improve your credit score.

When looking to refinance your mortgage with bad credit you have a few options available to you. Weighing out these options can help you best determine your maximum savings on refinancing your mortgage & loans.

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couple discussing about bridge financing

What Is Bridge Financing & Is It The Right Option For You?

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Is bridge financing a good option in today’s financial landscape? Find out by reading this blog.

Today’s economy is very different from what it used to be decades ago, and keeps ebbing and flowing to reflect aspects of the current social and political scene. While these shifts keep taking place, it might be difficult to know what choices to make to stay on top of things financially speaking.

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couple researching about a no appraisal home equity loan

No Appraisal For Getting a Home Equity Loan In BC? When And How It Works

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Ordering an appraisal is a common step when doing any mortgage even when getting a home equity loan. Appraisals are necessary when homes are being bought or sold or when people refinance or take out a 2nd mortgage on their home or other Real Estate . The appraisal helps the parties to the transaction determine current market value, property condition and these factors helps determine loan to value & marketability of the home.

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man looking to claim his income tax arrears

Income Tax Arrears: What Are They And How To Claim Yours

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Discover everything you ever wanted to know about income tax arrears and how to claim yours by reading this blog.

When it comes to payments and taxes, everyone knows a little, but no one knows enough. Our life is a collection of financial agreements between us and a third party — that is repeated every year. We receive certain benefits and services, and in exchange, we agree to pay a certain amount of money during a set timeframe.

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filing a consumer proposal in bc

Consumer Proposals And Mortgage Renewals In BC: What You Need To Know

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Unique financial situations come into play for many people and choosing a consumer proposal is something that some Canadians turn to when debts and other bills put them at risk of loosing their home. I have personally witnessed clients that have had great success going through these debt consolidation programs. But there are things to be aware of and debt owed to the same institution that holds your mortgage is something you should take great consideration prior to including this into your restructuring.

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