2 Dec, 2021 calculating the benefits of a mortgage investment corporation

Individual mortgages can be quite a gamble when investing in the Canadian real estate market. They require patience, tons of research and, most of the time, a leap of faith. Traditionally, this bureaucratic hassle has been passed over to specially appointed private lenders. But is there an alternative to this? Yes, there is, and it comes in the form of a Mortgage Investment Corporation (or MICs, for short).

5 Aug, 2021 hard money lenders in bc

A hard money lender can mean different things to different people. In BC real estate this refers to individuals or companies like a (MIC. Mortgage Investment Corporations) that lends mortgages outside the banks strict lending guidelines. In the mortgage industry we refer to hard money lenders as private mortgage lenders or home equity lenders.

22 May, 2020 depiction of mortgages for landlords using piggy bank and a model home

The increased demand for loans and mortgages for landlords has clearly signaled that among the ones mostly affected by the pandemic, property owners are occupying a leading position.

But obtaining a loan during COVID-19 will be more difficult than what borrowers were accustomed to in the past years.

Why is this?

12 May, 2020 private money lender

In light of recent economic troubles across Canada, most of the “big banks” have imposed very strict lending requirements which ask for an almost perfect credit and a stable source of income. If you don’t fit into these categories, most probably your loan application will be turned down.
What can you do if you’re in this situation? Is there any hope left? Will you still be able to get the loan you need? Absolutely. And we’ll tell you how.