28 Dec, 2021 woman trying to complete an empty home tax declaration

If you own one or more residential properties, you are required to make a yearly property status declaration. This will determine if your property has to be subjected to the Empty Homes Tax.

Properties deemed, or declared empty in the 2021 reference year, are subjected to a 3% property tax from its fully assessed taxable value in that year. Keep in mind that the Province of BC requires a Speculation and Vacancy Tax on top of the City’s Empty Home Tax.

3 Jun, 2021

British Columbia works on the modified Torrens land title system that “guarantees” your title. It is questionably one of the best systems for land registration. This system is very accurate in determining who the owner is and what registered charges are against the property. The province assurance fund also pays financial compensation in appropriate cases where the possibility of lose of title through fraud occurs.

16 Feb, 2021 self employed loans

Lack of access to funds is one of the main obstacles new entrepreneurs face. And although there are quite a few options available for those starting a new business, the loan terms that come with the money borrowed can sometimes be tough to accept. In this post, we’ll look at what self employed loans are and how one can help you start or grow your business.

22 May, 2020 depiction of mortgages for landlords using piggy bank and a model home

The increased demand for loans and mortgages for landlords has clearly signaled that among the ones mostly affected by the pandemic, property owners are occupying a leading position.

But obtaining a loan during COVID-19 will be more difficult than what borrowers were accustomed to in the past years.

Why is this?