Home Equity Loans in Coquitlam BC

    Coquitlam home equity loans can assist home owners with things like, home renovations, business capital, debt consolidation and more. The process unlike the banks is simple. Using your home equity you can borrow up to 80% of your homes value.

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    Coquitlam is a great location to own a home and because of this great location home equity lenders are very willing to lend regardless of income or credit. Coquitlam has a population of 126,456 based on a 2011 census. Coquitlam has a population density of 1,034 persons per square kilometer. Coquitlam is the sixth largest municipality in the province of BC and ranks 39th in Canada. If you are a home owner in Coquitlam BC looking for a home equity loan we have mortgage products that might be right for you.

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    What will be required to get approved for a Coquitlam equity loan are as follows:

    • Application (General Information about you & your home)
    • Client Agreement (Signed document pertaining to the information and sharing of information in your application. Also providing written consent to provide a credit report)
    • Credit Report (pulled by us on your behalf)
    • Mortgage or LOC statements showing balances
    • Fire Insurance Policy (to lawyer can place loss payable on your policy)
    • Appraisal From One of our Approved Appraisers (MacintoshCampbell & Pound, or others on a considered bases)
    • Lawyer or Notary Contact Information