Private Mortgage Broker in Cranbrook BC

    When thinking of taking a loan in Cranbrook BC, a trusted mortgage broker can be your most valuable source of information in the complex world of financial products. A mortgage broker can assist homeowners with things like home renovations, business capital, debt consolidation, taxes and more, while the process unlike the banks is simple. As scary as taking a mortgage might seem at first thought, there are moments in life when a carefully planned loan can turn out to be a great financial tool to build your wealth. With the right information and our personalized professional advice on private lending, your only worry left will be to decide which house you like the most.

    Advantages of Working With a Top-Rated Mortgage Broker in Cranbrook BC

    Our comprehensive mortgage advice, professionalism and care for our customers have positioned us as one of the best mortgage brokers in Cranbrook BC. Offering perfectly tailored services to suit your specific requirements, there is no wish you might have that we cannot help fulfill from buying a new property, refinancing an existing mortgage or taking on a home equity loan. Our professional mortgage brokers will stand by your side during the entire loan process to help you make an informed decision and choose between the many options which banks or alternative lenders might offer you. You won’t have to deal by yourself with any of the difficulties caused by bureaucracy and banks saying no, while also knowing upfront how much you will be able to borrow and what price you can realistically consider when conducting your property search. Unlike banks, our wide portfolio of lenders can offer you a wide range of different policies and we guarantee that among them all, you will find the best one to suit your needs.

    As the Best Mortgage Broker in Cranbrook BC We Offer You:

    • Upfront evaluation of your application including finances, needs, spendings and future plans
    • Complete explanation of your mortgage options and guidance in choosing the one that can benefit you the most
    • Total support in filling all paperwork, documentation and pre-approvals
    • Identifying potential challenges and ways to overcome them
    • Complete transparency and full disclosure of our commissions
    • Fast approvals and an even faster application process

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    Don’t waste precious time and contact us today! No matter the problem we are not scared by complex situations and we specialize in helping people who have been turned down by banks or who have less than perfect income. As one of the top-rated mortgage brokers in Cranbrook BC we pride ourselves with turning all our clients into friends and the only way we like to work is by helping you! Mortgage Broker Cranbrook BC Call Now 778-839-3963

    What Are The Steps Involved?

    Application Requirements:

    • Application (General Information about you & your home)
    • Client Agreement (Signed document pertaining to the information and sharing of information in your application. Also providing written consent to provide a credit report)
    • Credit Report (pulled by us on your behalf)
    • Mortgage or LOC statements showing balances
    • Fire Insurance Policy (to lawyer can place loss payable on your policy)
    • Appraisal From One of our Approved Appraisers (Macintosh Appraisals , Niemi Laport & Dowle or others on a considered bases)
    • Lawyer or Notary Contact Information