28 Apr, 2021 paying a consumer proposal with a mortgage

Usually, when people file a consumer proposal, it is to assist them with debt consolidation by restructuring it all into one manageable payment. Once they’ve done this, homeowners usually see significant cash flow relief but still have this monthly bill looming over them.

If you are living in British Columbia and are looking for debt load relief by paying out your consumer proposal early, then keep reading!

10 May, 2018 Private Equity Deal of the month

Past client who owns a bare land strata in Coquitlam BC needed some extra money to help with living expenses. Client is a senior has limited income but has a common law wife still working and his house was valued at $950,000. Client had a 1st mortgage of $377,000 with a B-Lender but did not have enough income to support a larger 1st mortgage. Added to this there were several years before his 1st mortgage was coming up for renewal and a large penalty if he paid out.

8 May, 2018 home equity loan

Second Mortgages are a fast and easy way to obtain money using a home equity loan to do things like: debt consolidation, home renovations, create fast business capital if your self employed, pay outstanding bills like taxes or liens. These are great for reducing payments, paying out debts or increasing cash flow but what else should you consider?

16 Apr, 2018 bad credit mortgage

Client needed funds to do some debt consolidation and home renovations with the intent to sell in just over a year. Clients credit was great but the income was very low and not enough to sustain conventional debt service requirements with a bank. They now have the funds they need to renovate their home and consolidate debt as well as assist them with payments over the term of the mortgage.

11 Apr, 2018 Alternative Mortgage

Client came to Jeff Di Lorenzo of The Mortgage Group Vancouver with a home under foreclosure located in Central BC. This client had many judgments on title plus property taxes outstanding. Client also owned a parcel of land that was previously listed for sale. It turned out that the parcel of land also had property taxes owing for over three years and the crown seized the property without the clients realizing.