3 Jun, 2021

British Columbia works on the modified Torrens land title system that “guarantees” your title. It is questionably one of the best systems for land registration. This system is very accurate in determining who the owner is and what registered charges are against the property. The province assurance fund also pays financial compensation in appropriate cases where the possibility of lose of title through fraud occurs.

16 Apr, 2018 bad credit mortgage

Client needed funds to do some debt consolidation and home renovations with the intent to sell in just over a year. Clients credit was great but the income was very low and not enough to sustain conventional debt service requirements with a bank. They now have the funds they need to renovate their home and consolidate debt as well as assist them with payments over the term of the mortgage.

2 Sep, 2014

I get this question all the time; What is your best rate Home Equity Loan?

I have decided to post some basic information on some of the last couple of months files I have closed. This gives potential borrowers a broader understanding of mortgage rates on home equity loans and 2nd mortgages based on property types, property location, different LTV (loan to value) and quality of credit/income or ability to pay.