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Can I Get a Home Equity Loan With No Income?

If you own a home and have home equity you can get a home equity loan even without a job. Home equity lenders primary focus is your homes equity. Many times, people starting a new business, new Canadians or temporary job loss can leave home owners without conventional income to qualify under. With home equity lenders this doesn’t matter as much. We can explore a few options that assist no income home equity loan approvals.

Types of No Income Home Equity Loanscan i get a home equity loan with no income

Home Equity Loan No incomeStated Income Home Equity Loans

The most common home equity loan is one where a home owner is self employed but claims very little income. We have many options both at a bank & through our private mortgage lenders.

Home Equity Loan No incomePre-Paid Home Equity Loan

If you are out of work or started a job with limited income and require funds to bridge yourself until income starts flowing in, we can provide pre-paid mortgage options. This is usually using a 2nd mortgage. If you currently have a 1st mortgage at a great interest rate, we can offer a second mortgage where you obtain the money you require plus an additional lump sum to pre-pay your mortgage, so you can work on the things that are important to making you successful.

Home Equity Loan No incomeHome Equity Loan with Guarantor

This option may work both at a conventional (bank) lending & home equity lending. For this purpose, I will speak only to the home equity loan aspect.  

Many times, I have applications where a home owner have a home but very little to no income. This can be due to employment, marital reasons or any other reason. These home owners sometimes have a spouse or common-law spouse or any other variation of relationship. In this situation you can have the home owner that makes very little but the “partner” makes very good income. They may want to be associated at this time with the title of the home or may not want to be associated with the title of the home. The consigner may have good credit or bad credit it doesn’t really matter the primary focus is showing lenders that there is a good likelihood that this guarantor will assist with the payments.

Home Equity Loan No incomeReverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage is a type of mortgage offered by Home Equity Bank and Equitable Bank. It essentially allows home owners 55 years or older to borrow money using their home equity without having to make a payment. Your age income & credit is not an issue.

Home Equity Loan No incomeBalloon Mortgage

Balloon mortgages can work in a variate of ways. It allows a home owner to make a small monthly payment but, in some cases, no monthly payment of interest or principle for a fixed term. This term is usually one to two years. At the end of the term you would have to pay the balloon interest owed or refinance again to include the balloon interest owed. This is primarily offered only if you have substantial home equity. The cons are obvious if your employment situation does not improve in a short period of time you will erode the equity saved up in your home and incur a higher cost of borrowing for this type of product.

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